Quality products



We at Burien Family Eye Care understand that purchasing eyewear is a major investment. We know that a difference in eye care products between offices exists not only in selection and price, but also in quality and craftsmanship. We take pride in these products, and are honored that you are willing to spend your hard earned income towards the products that we support and believe in. Burien Family Eye Care offers an exclusive 1 year unconditional warranty on all eyewear frames purchased through our office, as well as a 1-2 year warranty on all lenses that were purchased with anti-reflection and anti-scratch coatings. We hope that you share our conviction that vision is truly one of the most important senses that we possess. It is equally important for you as a patient to be wearing something that is functional, that you enjoy wearing, that looks greats, and most importantly provides you with the vision that you need.

(*All lenses that are to be replaced will be replaced by the spectacle prescription that was originally prescribed) 

Second Pair Savings

Everyone uses their eyes differently. We believe that it is not a luxury but a necessity to own multiple pairs of eye wear that function uniquely for certain tasks. We are committed to recommending and providing you the vision that is exclusive for your lifestyle. Whether it is sunglasses for driving in the car on a sunny day, computer glasses for your office job, or safety glasses for your love of racquetball, we at Burien Family Eye Care can help. We know that economic times are hard, but being able to directly address each and every one of your visual needs is important to our office. Every additional pair of eye wear that is filled within 1 month of the examination date will receive 30% off the purchase price! 

Cosmetic Enhancement Program

This is a program based on improving comfort, style, and functionality of your eye wear. With this package, you will enjoy a thinner lens making your eye wear lighter, which will allow for a wider selection of fashion frames to choose from. You will also receive a scratch-resistant coating and an anti-reflective coating on your lens, which will improve the durability of your lens and enhance your vision by reducing the amount of glare when working in brightly lit areas, on the computers, or driving at night. 

Contact Lens Success Program

Contact lenses are marvelous inventions that provide clear and comfortable vision for a majority of our patients. We find that most patients are confused or take for granted the sophistication that these medical devices have to offer. Contact Lens technology changes rapidly on a monthly basis and our office is devoted to staying current on the greatest and the latest. Burien Family Eye Care is committed to making sure that each patient interested in wearing contact lenses gets a comprehensive ocular health check to determine if there are any complications to contact lens wear as well as determine the best type of contact lens on the market that will best fit their eyes and visual needs. We will make sure that you receive as many complimentary trial contact lenses and follow up visits as needed until a satisfactory contact lens prescription is determined. We are confident in our contact lens fitting success, so we guarantee a refund for the lens investment if you are not satisfied within 90 days of writing the contact lens prescription. 

Prescription Accuracy

Our office takes pride in the quality and thoroughness of our eye exams. If in anyway your prescription eye wear is not providing you with vision that you desire, please do not hesitate to call our office for a complimentary prescription recheck. 

Complimentary Adjustments

Burien Family Eye Care understands that life happens and it may alter that initial perfect fit of your eye wear after you leave our office. Whether it’s from your kids, dogs, accidents, or travel, we are happy to adjust your eye wear. We do not want our patients to be walking around with eye wear that is misshaped or crooked, so please swing by our office and have our staff adjust them correctly again! 

Share the Care

The staff at Burien Family Eye Care knows that there is a contrast in quality and detail in eye exams and eye wear products from office to office. We believe that healthy vision is not just about seeing tiny letters at a bottom of chart, but also about how well you can see five, ten, and twenty years from now. We know that most visual impairment is preventable, and our office does our best to educate our patients that just because you can see well today, there is no guarantee that you will see well tomorrow. We are committed to your vision and also committed to overall health of your eyes. Burien Family Eye Care is honored and takes great pride in the fact that you entrust us with your eye care needs. If you believe that we are holding true to our core values, it is the biggest compliment to us as an office if you go tell someone you know about the eye care experience that you received at Burien Family Eye Care, whether it’s your neighbor, mother, father, sister, co-worker or on Facebook, Google, or Yelp. We are extremely grateful for your positive feedback. When your referrals come in, please have them mention that you sent them. It is important for us to say thank you for those who support and believe in our office. If you believe in the quality of care that you received here at Burien Family Eye Care, please share it!